HR Consultancy

Leadership Development

Leadership and management development, emerging talent programmes, corporate mentorship schemes, competency frameworks; the world of learning and development is vast. The selection, design, and execution of such programmes therefore requires a comprehensive understanding of a business, its people, and how to measure return on investment.

Culture and change

Culture is driven by the leadership of a business, but having a culture 'toolkit' can help you identify, measure, and ultimately shape a culture which aligns with the organisation's strategy. In an age of regulatory expectations of culture, and in acknowledgement of its impact on long term business outcomes, this is an area of increasing focus for Boards and executive teams alike.

Employee Engagement

Compensation and benefits

Remuneration based activity, whether base salary levelling, bonus design, or variable/share based compensation, is at the heart of a credible HR function. The annual compensation cycle, or benefits selection process, presents an opportunity to think differently about balance of pay, and the components that make up total reward for employees. Properly executed, this can drive performance and increase retention of great people.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

DEI vision, strategy, and tangible goals based upon current state analytics translated into annual plans which drive engagement with employees. Our approach is to shift diversity, equity and inclusion into a practical and tangible space, whilst acknowledging that we are all on a journey when it comes to this topic.

Talent & Performance management

Hybrid working (and getting buy-in from employees to a post-covid approach), employee surveys, the identification and articulation of an employment proposition; the differentiating requirements to communications as a business grows & evolves. This is an area where a small amount of investment of time can yield significant results.

Succession planning and creating a performance management/appraisal system that is simple, effective, and works for both managers and individuals. This is the 'engine room' of management activity but one that many businesses over complicate. Add in managing underperformance, in a timely manner, and strong HR support becomes invaluable.

Our consultancy services are, by their nature, tailored to business needs. By understanding those needs, both immediate and long term, HR solutions can be delivered which are effective and scalable. Contact to discuss what could work for your business.